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Summer Camps

Mix caring with adventure, safety with independence, nurturing with healthy competition, and creativity with athletics. The major goal of overnight sleepaway camps is to give campers the tools putting them on the path to develop their self-confidence and independence.

Teen Tours

Our Teen Summer Tours are perfect for a Teen interested in travel. We offer free information on many programs in United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and many more destinations. Let our well trained staff help you choose the perfect Teen Tour.

Pre-College Enrichment

Summer Pre-College Enrichment Programs for Teenagers are available on college campuses that are for high school and junior high school students. There are special teen academic summer camps and teen academic international programs that are located in the United States and abroad.

Language Immersion

Language Camps are domestic and international. Students can learn a foreign language on a school campus or by living with a foreign family. There are travel, outdoor adventure & community service programs that have language instruction. There are many languages available and some have no minimum requirements.

Community Service

Teen sleepaway camps include community related programs that offer teenage students the opportunity for service work and cultural immersion in the United States and throughout the world. Service programs are specifically designed so that the students have a specific purpose while traveling to amazing destinations around the world.

Outdoor Adventure Camps

Summer Adventure camps offer campers the opportunity to experience and learn about nature and the environment by hiking, biking, kayaking, nature studies, canoeing, and more. Summer Adventure Trips also have the opportunity to learn skills in land and water sports in many of the nations popular sleepaway camps.

Specialty Summer Camps

Computer Camps, Art & Music Camps, Film & Theater Camps, Horseback Riding, and much more summer programs are available for your child. Summer camp can provide structure as well as entertainment so that your child can take full advantage of the summer months.

Summer Sports Camps

Most kids have a favorite sport or one they are particularly good at. Some kids are good at lots of sports, that is why one of the most popular choices for kids summer camps here at The Summer Lady are sports camps. There are many types of sports camps that are offered to children of all ages.
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For over 20 years The Summer Lady has recommended the top rated summer camps to thousands of satisfied families.

Sleepaway Camps and Summer Programs for Kids & Teens

The Summer Lady has summer sleepaway camps and programs that are designed for children of all ages with a wide range of interests and needs.

Your son or daughter is a special individual who deserves to have the very best experience attending a summer camp or program. Summer camps for kids not only teach children to become confident and capable individuals but also provide many wonderful memories they will never forget! The Summer Lady is here to help you find the perfect program that best suits your childs interests.

Sleepaway camps for kids and teens truly provide an enriching experience that cannot be duplicated in any other environment.


Overnight summer camp programs blend a safe caring environment with fun and adventure all while teaching independence, social skills, healthy competition and creativity. The unique subculture of summer camps for kids provides campers with the tools that will put them on the path to self-confidence, independence and success. These programs are designed to be exciting and educational, allowing your child to learn strong values while having the time of their life. Your son or daughter will participate in activities such as land sports, theater, arts & crafts, outdoor adventure and water sports, and engage in a wholly unique experience that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.


Staff members are carefully selected by their skills, knowledge and experience as caretakers and motivators. Staff leaders convey the importance of team building and cooperation by teaching children and teenagers about both individual and community values.

Boys and girls summer camps and programs are located throughout the United States and worldwide. The Summer Lady is your best resource for matching your child with the program that best fits their needs and interests. By working with one of our knowledgeable specialists, we can match your son or daughters strengths, interests, ideals and needs with the right program. Contact The Summer Lady about day and sleepaway camp programs for children of all ages today!

Our summer camps for kids include sports camps, girl's overnight camps, boy's sleepaway camps, weight loss camps, teen travel programs and more!


Recent photos from our recommended camps:
Summer Camp canoeing course Summer camp outdoor activities Summer camp pottery classes kids summer camp outdoor activity Trapeze class Summer camp sailing courses Summer camp communal living Summer camp sport Outdoor sporting activites Summer camp community Summer camp Bicycling Tours Summer camp outdoor games summer camp water sports Summer camp roller blading class Summer camp art classes

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Teen Summer Camps & Sleepaway Programs

Summer Camps
The major goal of overnight sleepaway camps is to give campers..

Teen Summer Study Abroad

Teen Tours
Our Teen Summer Tours are perfect for a Teen interested in travel.

Gap Year Program, SAT Preparation Sleepaway Camps

Academic Enrichment
Special teen academic summer camps and teen academic international..

Teen Study Language Abroad, Language Immersion

Language Immersion
Language Camps are domestic & international. Students can learn..

Teen Summer Community Service Camps and Programs in U.S. or Abroad, Europe, Asia, South America, Central America, Africa, Australia

Community Service
Teen community service programs & teen community service camps..

Outdoor Adventure Summer Camps and Programs for Teens, Horseback Riding, Snowboarding, Sailing, Hiking, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Bike Camp, Surfing Camp, Backpacking Camp and more

Outdoor Adventure
Summer Adventure camps offer campers the opportunity to experience..

Sports Summer Sleepaway Camps for Teens range from Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, and more.

Sports Programs
Most kids have a favorite sport or one they are particularly good at..

Summer Speciality Camp & Summer Programs including Art and Music , Marine Biology, Science, Computer and I.T., Dance, Cooking, Jewish Camps, Film and Photography, Theatre and many more camps.

Specialty Programs
I.T. Camps. Art & Music Camps, Film & Theatre, Dance & more..

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